It's in their minds.
The Behavior Analysis Unit has always been tight-knit, family-like group. Years later, "family" has taken a whole new meaning for this team. Finding love, comfort, understanding, and acceptance from one another this team has literally become family in more than once sense of the word. However, like every family, this family holds their own bag of secrets. Some are harmless, others destructive. How they cope with their dirty laundry is the key. Will their secrets tear their family apart or bring them closer together? "We'll do it together, just like a family." ~David Rossi
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Sam Anderson || Profiler || Birthday || Brain Appel  || Open

Bio: Up to player but please take into consideration

  • Worried about his kids
  • Wife was killed in the field by an unsub
  • Knows Alfie’s on a destructive path but doesn’t know what to do so he’s asked Emily to talk to him

Secret: Up to player


  • Alfie Anderson —> Son
  • Katrionagh Anderson —> Daughter
  • Emily Prentiss Hotchner —> Trusted Friend
  • Aaron Hotchner —> Trusted Friend

You may add more if you wish

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