It's in their minds.
The Behavior Analysis Unit has always been tight-knit, family-like group. Years later, "family" has taken a whole new meaning for this team. Finding love, comfort, understanding, and acceptance from one another this team has literally become family in more than once sense of the word. However, like every family, this family holds their own bag of secrets. Some are harmless, others destructive. How they cope with their dirty laundry is the key. Will their secrets tear their family apart or bring them closer together? "We'll do it together, just like a family." ~David Rossi
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If there are any prompts from your old blog that you want to do but haven’t gotten to, I’d recommend you sending them to your accounts on anon so you can do them later. 


Admin Notice

Hey guys! I’m going out of town from Sunday June 29thuntil Friday July 4th, Saturday July 5th, or Sunday July 6th.

I’m out of town for a mission trip. Tomorrow is a family day so all my prepping must be done tonight. I’m hoping once I come back everyone will be ready to go with the roleplay. So get excited and get ready! 

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To Current Members

Please go to the masterlist and check over the following for your character(s):

  • Age
  • FaceClaim
  • Occupation

Don’t forget to check your Bio as well

& please let me know of any changes you wish to make. {Feel free to make suggestions about open characters as well}

I am going to be re-posing the characters as well as deleting their previous posts. I’ll be copying {And possibly editing} their current information from what’s already posted. 

When the hiatus is over, can I join? Please...

Sorry for the delay in response. 

The hiatus has been necessary because only one or two people could really be active at a time. 

Honestly, that might still be true but I’m hoping not. My personal goal is to begin re-vamping (again) this week/weekend. 

You can apply off anon once we return. 

Due to inactivity and lack of responses this roleplay group is

officially on hiatus until further notice.


I’ll make an official prompt for responding to the Elijah drabble soon. 

Writing Challenge #3

Your character has to decide to take someone off life support. Who are they taking off life-support? Why is this happening now? What are your characters’ thoughts and feelings about it? 

Please tag your drabbles/paras with “baufamily writing challenge”

Writing Challenge #2

Your character has just found out someone’s in a coma. How do they react? What are your character’s thoughts, emotions, and initial reactions? How do they find out-text, phone, in person? 

Please tag your drabbles/parars with “baufamily writing challenge

Writing Challenge #1

Writing challenges are optional. If you have any questions, feel free to ask

For this challenge, write about your character having to give consent to putting someone in a coma. What are his/her thoughts? What are his/her emotions? Why does the individual need to be put in a coma?

Please tag your drabbles/paras with “baufamily writing challenge.” 

A note on prompts & writing challenges

Even direct prompts [those sent to you] should be tagged accordingly “baufamily writing challenge” should be present. Other tags might include “prompt(s)” for your own tagging purposes but they key is to not forget any triggers. 

With general prompts, you may choose who is involved in them or you can request for me to give you specifics. 

So along with general prompts posted here with the appropriate tag, I’m considering sending people specific prompts for their characters either because I think it would help them or the mun wants to write something specific.


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Yeah sure! Just click here

Declan Doyle || 34 || Occupation || Birthday || Chris Hemsworth || Open

Bio: Up to player but please take into consideration

  • Living in Ireland
  • Keeps in contact with Emily
  • Recently rediscovered who his father was and is distraught by the news
  • Following down a similar path as his father now that he’s killed a man
  • He wants Emily to explain everything to him

Secret: Up to player


  • Ian Doyle —> Father
  • Emily Prentiss Hotchner —> “Mother”
  • Chloe Donaghy —> Mother 

You may add more if you wish

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